love tasmania

Our desire is to see teams from all over Australia and the nations  come to Tasmania and join us in spreading the love of God to every person in every town. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to encounter God’s love and we want to see all of Tasmania encounter the goodness of God.

There are many needs and a lot of rejection on this small island. We want people to know that God has chosen them, He is calling them to a place of belonging in His family and they are not rejected.

We started this journey in April 2012 and as of January 2019 we have ministered in every single town across Tasmania! But we aren’t stopping there – we believe that God has so much more in store for Tasmania.

We drove to the end of the road at Cockle Creek at the farthest South place in Tasmania to share with campers that God is great; From reading the Bible, to prophesying at the End of the World at Arthur River on the North West Coast, to flying to Flinders and King Islands and sharing with local people there. As we have walked the streets and trails, and drove to every corner of the state, God has impressed upon us how beautiful this place is, and how He loves the people of Tasmania.


youth ministry

Our campus leaders are the regional leaders of the Pacific for King’s Kids International. Our desire is to see children, youth, and families raised up with a growing knowledge of who God is, who they are in him, and to walk out in their God given destiny.

Our staff are involved in various local children and youth ministries throughout the year, such as running children’s programs for local church conferences and events.

In addition, one of our staff also runs a local youth group. The heart of the youth group is to connect with local youth, facilitate a space for them to grow and develop in their relationship with God, and to build relationships.

One night we had a youth group at the YWAM centre, and we had one of our staff speaking on hearing God’s voice. We had some time resting in God’s presence and 4 out of 7 youth that came had an encounter with Jesus! Since then, we’ve been discipling and connecting as much as we can with the youth and forming the group more and more in who we are as followers of Christ.


Prison ministry

We partner with various local churches and Christian organizations to bring the Gospel to the local prison. There are a variety of different programs and ministires that take place within the prison, but our primary involvement is with the Sunday Chapel Service which is held every Sunday inside the prison.

During the Chapel service, volunteers have the opportunity to share the gospel, share testimonies, lead worship, talk with the inmates and pray for them.

Having the opportunity to minister to the incarcerated in our community is an absolute privilege and blessing. We often lead worship for the Sunday Chapel service in the prison. One time, one of the guys learned the lyrics of a worship song and turned it into a rap – how cool is that? We love seeing how God is at work in the prison!

the winnetts


Niko is a ministry of King’s Kids International. Niko is a word that means to conquer, to overcome, or to pereservere until the end. 

It is a leadership training program where you take risks to discover more about who God has made you to be. Your learning environment will be the great outdoors, the classroom of life. You will learn skills vital to working as a team, being a leader, and pushing yourself beyond limits you thought you could never overcome.

As an individual or a group you learn to surrender your individual rights and learn new levels of interdependence with others. The most important aspect is to grow in your dependence on God.

The program takes you into a process of experiences and growth. It is not an ordinary adventure camp or a survival camp which aims to have great performance. It is a life-changing experience that allows you to grow in your understanding of God and yourself. 

For as long as I can remember, people have told me I would be a leader. But I often dreaded that word, because I feared failure. Then, on NIKO, I got an opportunity to lead my team. While fear of failure rose up, something else also rose within me – the desire to care well for my team. Instead of allowing fear to paralyze me, I let care empower me to make decisions that helped the team move forward, even through challenging situations.Later, the team affirmed my leadership. Everything they said described the leader I longed to be… but didn’t believe I had in me. I’m so thankful for the opportunity through NIKO to discover more of the leader God made me to be!


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